Mary Barker

Studying Mathematics at Washington University in St. Louis

(and exploring Forest park, playing violin, working as luthier among other things)

Current math

  • Finite element exterior calculus (FEEC)

My main mathematical interest at WashU is in FEEC, with an emphasis on nonconforming hybridizable methods. One of the best things about this area of math is that it is amenable to interesting analysis as well as practical applications. Most of my work in this area involves working examples in the Firedrake library.

  • Gerrymandering

Begun while I was at Tarleton State University in Texas, the work on gerrymandering is a constant of my mathematical career!

  • Quivers

Recently built the ThinSincereQuivers library in Macaulay2 language, in order to facilitate current work on the cone system and combinatorial structures associated to a toric quiver.

This year in Math:

Conferences 20/21

  • Finite Element Circus Spring '21

  • Finite Element Circus Fall '21

  • SIAM Southeastern Atlantic Section Conference, '21

  • Firedrake '21

Programming Languages

  • Python with some specialized libraries:

    • SageMath

    • PyCuda

    • Firedrake

    • Fenics

  • C/C++ with parallel libraries:

    • MPI

    • OpenMP

    • Cuda

  • Fortran

  • Macaulay2

  • R

  • SQL

  • SAS

Other places to find me